New way to learn scales on guitar
with 70% less to work
and sound amazing doing it!

I am really excited. Why? Because I have stumbled upon a new way of organizing scales on the guitar fretboard. My Book, New Approach to Scales for Guitarists: A Practical Modern Direction, will teach you the incredible things that I have discovered:

1 – You now have just 2 basic patterns for all standard 7 note scales you will ever play! What does this mean? Most simply, less work. A lot less work!

2 – You now have 70% LESS to learn and memorize without cheating! It will cut your workload down to a mere 30% of the old way of learning scales.

3 – Your range of notes available to you is extended greatly, by nearly an octave.

4 – You will have ability to create fluid, long-flowing lines just like a piano player. Notes fall under your fingers so much easier. There are just too many inconsistencies in the old scale fingering system to be able to do this as easily as the “New Approach”.

5 – You will be able to sound consistently good! You’ll quickly learn how to time your notes to create a strong match between your note choices (the scale) and the harmony (the chord).

These are just a few things contained in this 171 page book!

Adam Smale